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phoenix_furness's Journal

Phoenix Furness
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Igniting Arizona Furries 2009
Phoenix Furness is a convention that is being planned for mid-to-late September of 2009. It will take place in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. A hotel has not yet been chosen for the event. We estimate that admission will be $25-$30 for all three days (Fri.-Sun.). This convention is unique in that its main dedication is to the celebration of fursuiting and fursuits.

*Notices and Updates*
-Phoenix Furness will now be hosting monthly events begining in November 2008. If you have any ideas for events please contact me at dragonbadfaith@gmail.com
- The Founding Furiends Fund has now opened. Make your donation today! Get cool schwag! Get in to the convention for FREE! Email dragonbadfaith@gmail.com for more info.