Tabbicus P. Domesticus (tabbicus) wrote in phoenix_furness,
Tabbicus P. Domesticus

Ring in the New Year, Furry Style!


I, Tabbi, am hosting this year's furry New Year Party!

What can I bring?
-FUDZ! I'll provide some snacks, but the more, the merrier, right?
-Drinks, alcoholic and not
-Music (and related equipment). I have a basic stereo, but nothing high-tech.
-Fursuits! Fursuits! Fursuits! This IS a furry party!

What CAN'T I bring?
-Recreational drugs
-Salvia. I've tried it. It is NOT a party drug. x.x
-Negative attitudes

What if I want to get toasted?
-LOL, sure! I will provide crash space if you need it!

One Final Note: Those of you who know me know that I am down with just about everything. This IS my house. If I feel uncomfortable with something going on, I will ask you to stop. If you choose to ignore me, I will kick you out. PLEASE don't make me do that!!

Sound fun? Good! Hope to see you there!

2961 E. Sequoia Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85050

Party will start at 6pm. If you want to be awesome and help me set up, feel free to show up as early as 5:00! As for an end time, I'm not setting one. It could go all night, for all I care. As I said, I will provide crash space. =^.^=
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