Kyla Rayne (dragon_badfaith) wrote in phoenix_furness,
Kyla Rayne

Furnace Meetin on the 20th

The next meeting will be on the 20th. We are still discussing places to hold it. But there will probably be food there. ^_^ Any ideas please feel free to RSVP.
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I'd like to be in on that meeting but need a ride over there. Please let me know if you're able to help me (I live on Elliot between Price and Dobson and of course I will help with the gas if requested. Thanks).
We need to reserve a venue, like now.
love to, where the heck is it?
We are thinking Central Phoenix.... we need suggestions
not sure about central Phoenix. I'm in Scottsdale.
We have people coming from all over the valley. So we are trying to find a centralized location.
are you talking about for the meting or for Furnace?
For the meeting.
someones house? I can offer it here but it might be really crowded since i live in a studio.
No we're looking for like a resautrant place.


9 years ago

Hi there. Ba'ar here and I'd like to see if I can get a ride to the next convention meeting. If anyone's willing to help me, I'd be willing to chip in for gas. I live in Chandler between Price and Dobson and my cell number is 480-710-3223. Please give me a ring if you're willing to help out. Thanks!
I am checking with some folks out that way see if they can help (it is on a Sunday though).

Also if any of my suggestions are taken all of them can be reached by bus.
Obviously Lou, you've never taken our bus system. To be charitable, our bus system STINKS! Many routes do not run on Sundays and those that do run on an hourly basis.
I think all of these would be "centrally" located and have easy access to food. AZ Center would be the only place to have inside seating in their food court.

Another option if folks feel brave would be the Rent A Car Center around the Airport area. Or of course the Airport itself but that is going to be hourly fee.

I would suggest after 7:00 PM or no later than 3:00 PM because of some restrictions of certain folks needing to be places.