Kyla Rayne (dragon_badfaith) wrote in phoenix_furness,
Kyla Rayne


Hey everyone! Here's an update of what we've been up to lately.

We are still in talks with the hotels but we should have a decision within the next two weeks.

We have an amazing new theme for what was previously referred to as Zero Con. The one day convention we will be holding in September.

Our Theme: Broadway!

Zero Con: Dress Rehearsal
PHXFUR One: Opening Night

We will have a new snazzy website layout planned to be up on April 1st.

This layout will reflect our new theme and will also have new information about Registration, Dealer's Den, Artist Alley, Volunteering, and Hotel Rooms.

Forums and Events
If you would like regular updates and more information on our events then join the forums at:

We have a St. Patrick's Day Party planned for Saturday the 14th of March. Everyone is invited. More information can be found on the forums under Upcoming Events.

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