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Phoenix Furness Meeting - AZ Center

Hey folks for those of you joining us this afternoon, it looks like we're going to meet outside the AMC Theater between the hours of 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM however there is a charge for parking and if you want to get validated (and get the lower fee) you'll probably want to either see a movie or pick up a drink or sandwich at Subway before 5:00 PM, or go to a restaurant.

The indoor mall area MAY NOT be available after 5:00 PM so there is no guarantee we'll have an indoor area to talk.

The object of the general meeting is just to reaffirm our goals, determine if we will be doing a zero con this year or next year and getting folks general input of what they would like to see and why they are here.

I'll have some cards to hand out as well for those that want to volunteer funds, people power, or ideas. After the meeting we'll probably do break out groups and let folks mingle and such.
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