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Meeting Dates and Updates ^_^

From now on we will be holding meetings on every third Saturday of each month. We will announce the location of each meeting a week before hand. I would like to start moving around the Valley giving other furs the chance to attend who wouldn't otherwise. Those of us with vehicles can do a ride share with those willing to give gas money. Also I will be starting a mailing list through google. Please email me at if you would like an invite. This will make it easier to communicate.

Our Last Meeting News:
We decided on Mascots and have our artist working n the design right now. We have membership rates and information for the mini con we are holding in September so Tell Your Furiends!

I will post the Minutes in a separate post.

Our Next Meeting will be on 4/12/08

We will be discussing locations for the actual convention and deciding what structure we would like to have for committee members.

If you would like more information please email me at, comment on this post, or check our website at
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